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Photo Album

With Aaron Dowdy outside 22 Broad St in Asheville, NC

Front of 22 Broad St, my room on the top right

My room at 22 Broad St

Me in my room at 22 Broad St

The studio for asystems downstairs at 22 Broad St

Google Maps screenshot of me walking outside 22 Broad St

With Nick James Scavo at Apothecary in Ashevile, NC. I was performing in the back behind the wooden partition. We set up a camera and streamed the footage to the TV in front of Nick. Photo by Marcyanne Hannemann

With Aaron in Times Square on the day we released Net Label

Living room at 22 St Marks Ave in Brooklyn, NY

Recording foraging at 399 Hancock St in Brookly, NY with Aaron and Nick

Photo for NTS for our 2-year long residency that we titled Division for NTS Radio. Taken a few blocks away from our aparment at 399 Hancock St. Photo by Aiesha Krause-Lee.

With DeForrest Brown Jr., Aaron Dowdy and Nick James Scavo at PS1 in Long Island City, NY where we performed wounded wind

Desk at 293 Troutman St in Brooklyn, NY with Nick's octatrack where we recorded head above the water

With DeForrest Brown Jr. and Jacyln Miller at HECK in Brooklyn, NY performing as sensuale